OM yoga in Halifax with Cyndi Lee

by Mary on May 12, 2009

I just had a fantastic workshop with Cyndi Lee of OM yoga  who has combined Buddhist philosophy and meditation within a vinyasa yoga practice, with focus on alignment. 

The buddhist meditation and teachings have been of interest to me since 2001 when I finished my yoga teacher training program and had been immersed in yoga philosophy for 2 years. The Buddhist teachings I had been exposed to in various meditation workshops seemed to be very similar to the yoga teachings. I had naturally been drawing on those Buddhist teachings and blending them with my yoga teaching without knowing there was actually a style of yoga dedicated to just that. Mindfulness is an important aspect of yoga but the Buddhist teachings really help. Practicing yoga mindfully on the mat brings you to living mindfully off the mat.

Cyndi Lee was an experienced and enjoyable teacher who taught with playfulness. It was great to hear and practice the mindfulness but it was really engaging to practice her vinyasa style of yoga.  All of the poses move into other poses and eventually can bring you to amazingly complex positions without any stress getting there. It was stimulating to work this way with such a master teacher.

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