Postnatal yoga with my new baby was my first opportunity to get out of the house with my daughter and to connect with other moms about what they were experiencing, but the real effect of any yoga is always to reconnect me with my body’s lessons, my true heart, and a peaceful path through chaotic days. 

Babies are great teachers, too, and mom-and-baby yoga is a fun reminder to pay attention to them. Their little lives are full of the chaos of an unfamiliar world and the frustrations of getting what they need to grow and learn, and they get through their chaotic days by breathing deep, resting when they can, and doing what they can with their amazing little bodies while they’re awake. 

It’s a treat to share Mary’s yoga classes with my little one. 


I am a grandmother as of 17 March 07…Trinity is the love of my life..she is so sweet. My daughter in law may go to your postnatal yoga classes.. her name is Laura Montigny..and she is sweet too. I am so lucky. 

At Easter, I spiraled into a situational depression..it was so scary..i was not hospitalized .. i am doing very well with the help of my doctor, counseling, Daniel Schulman’s acupuncture and Celexa. Yoga is one of the core components of my taking care of myself.. I left yoga as a separate entity as I wish to say that it is the key to tying all the other modalities together. I find ujjayi centers me as I move my body through the asanas. For anyone who suffers from depression (This is my first time), I believe that it is the gentlest way to help our bodies, emotions, cognition, and spirit unite even if one just breathes. You have permission to use this if you wish.. time to stop stigmatizing depression.. 

Thanks from Glenda

Prenatal yoga helped create a bond with my son before he was born, as during our quiet breathing he would always “wake up” to my breath sounds. It was what I looked forward to most every time we went, I knew my little one would be making themselves known. Also, you really helped target site specific pain and through gently stretching alleviated this instantly! It was great to get some one on one help during the class. The classes are very open and I still run into yoga Moms and we always take the time to chat with one another. There is something very spiritual seeing all these pregnant bellies popping as we do our various poses. Empowering for sure! 

Love Leah

“I took Mary’s prenatal yoga class and postnatal mommy and baby class. I highly recommend both classes to any pregnant and new moms. The prenatal yoga class not only offered relaxation and preparations for labour, but also 
allowed for social networking with other pregnant moms. It was fun chatting about our pregnancies and comparing notes. It was also informative because other pregnant moms were farther along in the pregnancy and I could ask them questions about what to expect. 

The mom and baby postnatal class was great as a way to get out of the house and meet other moms. It was also fun to share yoga moves with the baby. 

I found Mary to be a very knowledgeable and respectful teacher, who seemed intuitively to know where to take the class each week.”