Hatha Yoga

CONTACT: Mary MacPheeCharlottetown 892-4658 

Classical Hatha Yoga 

Classical Hatha Yoga is based on the 8 limbs or ‘astanga’ as outlined in THE  YOGA SUTRAS,  the classical text on yoga written by Patanjali. 

Mary’s understanding and teaching of yoga  goes beyond doing ‘asana’ or poses and covers all aspects of living life off the mat within the 8 limbs. 

The 8 limbs include: 

yama-CARE for our environment, non harming, truthfulness, non stealing,  moral use of the senses and absence of greed niyama-CARE for ourselves, purity, contentment, practice, self study and devotion  to something greater than the individual asana-practice of physical exercises, pranayama-practice of breathing exercises, pratyhara-use of our senses, dharana-directing our mind, dhyana-meditation samadhi- complete integration and understanding. 

Each class begins with centering, coming home to the body, observing the mind and the breath, includes warm-ups for the joints and preparation for poses (asana) for strengthening as well as releasing tension and stretching for flexibility. 

The yoga practice finishes with a brief cool down and savasana, relaxation to allow the body and mind to integrate the yoga practice. 

Asana are taught with a basic pose and modifications are offered to make a pose easier or more challenging for the individual needs in the room.