Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga 

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Post Natal yoga classes are offered in the Spring and Fall. Other classes are offered when demand warrants. The classes are available to mothers and babies, fathers are also welcome, as are mothers who choose to come solo. 

It is suggested that Mothers wait until 6 weeks after delivery or have their doctor’s approval before beginning.   Some yoga and breath can be appropriate before this time. 

The focus of the postnatal Yoga class is to allow parents to stretch, strengthen and have time to reconnect with their bodies while enjoying time with their babies. 

Babies are also engaged during the class through yoga baby songs and rhymes, activities that promote learning about their bodies and by participating in many of the poses with mom. 

A variety of poses and techniques which can be used at home are offered to release tension in the neck, shoulders, back, legs, arms and hands as well as to strengthen the back, pelvis, abdomen, arms and legs. 

The yoga practice allows new parents to meet other new parents and permits babies to have a social outing. 

Parents are advised to let go of expectations, flow with the babies needs, nurse, feed, change diapers as required, breathe through it all, and share a social time following the class if personal schedule allows.