PEI Yoga Instructors

Our instructors are highly certified, friendly, approachable, experienced and trained professionals who offer a diverse schedule in a rich environment to choose from. Our goal is to help students learn, meet and exceed their fitness and wellness goals.

Colleen Gallant

Colleen teaches at the Charlottetown Yoga Space. She has been practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga for many years but decieded to venture more into the world of yoga and graduated in May of 2018 from the Maritime Yoga College 200-hour teaching training program. Colleen will guide you through asana and meditations that are accessible to everyone. Colleen ‘s motto is: Love is what it is all about.

Andrea St. Jules

Andrea teaches at the Charlottetown Yoga Space. Since first stepping on the mat in 2005, yoga has served as an anchor in her life, helping her to heal and find balance amidst the challenges of life. Andrea has explored several styles of yoga over the years, including certifications in Hatha (Akhanda) Yoga with prenatal (Yogi Vishvketu, India), Kundalini Yoga (Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, LA) and Yin Yoga (Jolene Bayda, Vancouver). She also holds a BA in Psychology, a certificate in Thai Yoga massage, is a certified birth doula, and founder of Graceful Warriors – a unique platform for women’s empowerment and sisterhood connection. Within her classes she cultivates a supportive and calming environment, authentically sharing from the Heart her experience of this beautiful practice that has impacted her life so deeply.

Cynthia Dennis

Cynthia Dennis teaches at Modo Yoga. Cynthia Dennis has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching full time for the last 3. She teaches a wide range of classes – chair, kids, prenatal, mom and baby, yoga for sports, flow, etc. at a number of studios across the Island. She get so much joy from watching people move towards their fullest expressions of their most authentic selves through the practice of yoga.

Dr. David Whitty

Dr. David Whitty is a Chiropractor and Yoga Instructor at Charlottetown Yoga Space. David’s yoga journey was as a student in the Iyengar tradition for 10 years. He became a Certified as Yoga Instructor, and has continued with training in Hands on Assists and Yin Yoga.

David’s Yoga class offerings include Hatha, Yoga for Back Pain and Beginner Yoga. He brings his knowledge of anatomy as a chiropractor to his teaching on the mat, focusing on joint alignment and activating the musculature to protect the joints while improving range of motion, strength and body awareness.

Monica Lacey

Monica teaches at the Charlottetown Yoga Space. Monica has been practicing Yoga since 1994. After studying Hatha and Iyengar Yoga for many years to compliment her training in dance, she received her certification in Kundalini and Ten Body Yoga and from Amara Yoga School in Toronto in 2006. Monica is enthusiastic and passionate about sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and the power of this practice to transform and uplift. In addition to teaching Yoga, Monica works as a Visual Artist and the Executive Director of this town is small inc., PEI’s Artist-run Centre. She has maintained a daily personal practice since 2005.

Kate Forget

Kate teaches at the Charlottetown Yoga Space. During her youth, Kate figure skated competitively for many years. She became a figure skating Coach for 3 years and during this time, she used Yoga to maintain both her physical health and well being. Her and her husand moved to PEI  in 2017. Kate soon started Yoga Teacher Training with the Maritime Yoga College and graduated in May of 2018. Since then, she’s worked at Now n Zen Yoga Studio as well as volunteering at the Vernon River Consolidated School. She looks forward to seeing you at the Charlottetown Yoga Space!

Ouma Cuniah

Ouma teaches at the Charlottetown Yoga Space. Ouma is a RYT 200 Certified yoga teacher with the Maritime Yoga Teacher College. She was brought up under Hindu traditions and has been formally studying Hindu philosophy over the past few years. She obtained training as a Buddhist meditation facilitator under Lama Catherine Rathbun at Friends of the Hearts in Toronto. She is currently focusing her studies on Sanskrit and the Yoga Sutras. 

Anja Nied

Anja teaches at the Charlottetown Yoga Space. Anja is a certified 300h Yoga Teacher BYV, Yoga Vidya Germany. She has been teaching a more holistic approach to classical Yoga in Charlottetown since 2014.  A typical class with Anja presents classical yoga teachings supported by chanting, breath awareness, flowing sequences, hands-on assistance, and relaxation. Music plays an integral role: you might practise to a shifting soundtrack of ragas, global trance, indie pop or spoken word and time flies by quickly. She believes Yoga shows you all these little imbalances in your body, you are not even aware of until you start practicing. It’s a journey.

Ruth Richman

Ruth Richman practices at Health within holistics center. She began practicing Yoga in the late 1960’s. She has over 1000 hours with Beryl Birch and last studied with her for a week June 2014 at the Omega Institute in New York State. Ruth loves to teach and also loves being a student on the mat.  Self Study, workshops and trainings keep her teachings up to date and fresh. Ruth offers four styles of Yoga: Astanga, Kundalini, Yin, and Hatha. 

Mary Mcphee

Mary is the owner of the Path Studio where she teaches and leases to other Yoga Instructors. Mary’s yoga story began in 1997 when she began the practice of Ashtanga vinyasa (power) yoga, she then developed an appreciation and practice of Kripalu yoga, a gentler style. She completed 2 years of full time yoga teacher training study where she had the opportunity to supplement her training with specialization in yoga for backs, pre and post natal and therapeutic yoga.

Heather Gunn McQuillan

Heather teaches at the Charlottetown Yoga Space. She is also a veterinarian and has been teaching vet students at the Atlantic Veterinary College since 2010. Heather was drawn to becoming a yoga teacher to further her own practice and to share the gifts of yoga and mindfulnes; spurred to action by the crisis in veterinary wellness (veterinarians have suicide rates nearly 4 times higher than the general population and twice as high as other healthcare professions, including doctors and dentists) she wanted to improve and promote wellness both within and outside of the veterinary college. She is  certified RYT 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher and the owner of Nature Space Yoga which was inspired by her deep love of nature and the interconnectedness that she feels to all living things.

Anne-Marie Rolfe

Anne-Marie teaches at the Charlotetown Yoga Space. Anne-Marie completed her yoga teacher training with Maritime Yoga College in 2015.  In 2018  she achieved 1000 hours of teaching and has successfully completed over 600 hours of study in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Mantra and Vedic Guidance with Vamadeva Shastri (Dr. David Frawley) and the American Institute for Vedic Studies.  As an avid learner and teacher Anne-Marie has explored, trained and taught in the following forms: Hatha Yoga, Chair Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Yin Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Shakti Yoga, Shamanism, Reiki,  Reiki Meditation, Mindfulness, Focused Attention Meditation and Vedantic Meditation. She is committed to making ancient Vedic wisdom accessible as it has much to offer to our modern lives.  She does this through meditation, yoga and teaching on the Yoga Sutras.

Jody Newell

Jody teaches at the Charlottetown Yoga Space. Jody’s yoga was introduced to yoga during an inpatient treatment program for eating disorders in Guelph, ON.  Yoga was used as a means to connect the mind and the body. She moved to PEI and found solace under the guidance of Erika Killam. Jody is a certified RYT 200 instructor through Maritime Yoga College. Jody attributes her practice for helping maintain a healthy mindset as she continues to work as a paramedic here on the island.

Judy Archibald

Judy practices at the Health Within Holistic Health Center. After having been sick in the 90’s Judy used Natural Holistic Services (Energy Medicine, diet and nutrition, fresh air were key) to regain her health in the 90’s. After this experience she took a 2 year professional program in Toronto to become an energy practitioner. That means that she works with the body and it’s energy systems to help facilitate health. She works on the body to relieve tension and stress as well as pain and discomfort, migraines, back pain etc. Judy is also a Reiki Master who is trained in Chinese Medicine, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Shiatsu Therapy, Acupuncture, nutrition, Chinese herbs, cupping, moxa -bustion and kinesiology. Her unique hands on treatments incorporate her Chinese Medicine shiatsu training with Reiki, intuition and listening to what the clients body- mind- spirit is saying. Through tension and discomfort your body tells you something is out of balance.  Judy helps facilitate relief of tension and stress. 

Denise Arsenault

Denise practices at the Health Within Holistic Center. Denise is Reiki Master/Teacher in several lineages of Reiki. She is also a certified yoga teacher and took the 220 hour program with Ruth Richman and Yogaink. Denise is currently offering:Yoga “TAP” ~ Start your day stress free by experiencing Yoga ‘TAP’. In a new yoga format designed by Denise, you’ll experience a blend of many aspects of yoga including chant, yoga poses, breath work, relaxation and meditation along with a combination of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Positive Affirmation mantras. These Yoga ‘Taps’ sessions will energize you and leave you with a feeling of peace and calm that will enable you to effectively manage your day.

Denise Holland

Denise practices at the Health Within Holistic Center. She grew up in South Western Ontario and graduated college as a dental assistant. After working in the dental field for a time here, Denise discovered alternative holistic modalities that can work alongside our medical community. The holistic modalities Denise works with are Reiki, EFT Tapping, Swedish, Massage, and Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), and often intertwines more than one energy therapy with a client. Denise also works with her intuition, in order to give her clients what they need at a specific appointment.

Luis Lui

Luis practices at the Health Within Holistic Center as an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medical Herbologist. Discover a holistic path to health and wellness that compliments and assists Western Medicine with Liu, traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has existed for thousands of years and can treat sleep disorders, allergies, poor circulation, colds and flus, chronic pain, and chronic diseases and much more. Liu is a member of the Registered Acupuncturists of Prince Edward Island, Certified Pharmacist Taiwan, and Certified in Advanced Chinese Medical Herbology. To book a session with Luis, please call 902-566-5009.

Jennifer Gordon

Jennifer practices at the Health Within Holistic Center. Jennifer is a very conscientious Registered Massage Therapist. She offers therapeutic and deep tissue massage as well as myofascial and sports massage. To book a session with Jennifer, please call 902-566-5009.

Nipa V. Perry

Nipa practices at the Health Within Holistic Center. Nip was born in Thailand. She has 4 years of experience in practicing tradition Thai massage. She was trained by Watpo and Chetawan Schools Thailand, which is one of the best and most famous Thai massage schools in Thailand where she was certified for completing  of Thai traditional massage and Aromatherapy massage. Nip is also a member of Tradition Thai massage Association of Ontario. She uses a method of stretching and fixing your tension spots while loosening up your tight muscles, this will relax your body giving you an amazing feeling. To book a session with Nipa (Gabby), please call 902-566-5009.

Lisa Gallant

Ruth Richman teaches at Health within holistics center. She began practicing Yoga in the late 1960’s. She has over 1000 hours with Beryl Birch and last studied with her for a week June 2014 at the Omega Institute in New York State. Ruth loves to teach and also loves being a student on the mat.  Self Study, workshops and trainings keep her teachings up to date and fresh. Ruth offers four styles of Yoga: Astanga, Kundalini, Yin, and Hatha. 

Erika Killam

Erika teaches at the Charlotettown Yoga Space Studio. She completed 308hr in Anusara Yoga and have ventured off on her own to develop 3eYoga: Engage, Enliven, Empower which she taught throughout various studios across the island. Her mission as a yoga instructor is to inspire new “a-ha” moments for the seasoned practitioner and crush any misconceptions a new yoga student might have about yoga being “boring”! Book via email

Unknown Yoga Style

Yoga Styles Unknown:
Celia Kougjan contact by email
Kate Forget at Charlottetown Yoga contact via email

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Ruth Richman teaches at Health within holistics center. She began practicing Yoga in the late 1960’s. She has over 1000 hours with Beryl Birch and last studied with her for a week June 2014 at the Omega Institute in New York State. Ruth loves to teach and also loves being a student on the mat.  Self Study, workshops and trainings keep her teachings up to date and fresh. Ruth offers four styles of Yoga: Astanga, Kundalini, Yin, and Hatha. 

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