Threee week session of yoga dance and prenatal yoga classes

Jan 20-27 and Feb. 3

10-11 yogadance ($10 per session or $25 for all three)

11:15-12:20 Prenatal yoga ($15 per session or $39 for all three)

If you are interested in YogaDance, email me and let me know as I would LOVE to start a session

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Yoga For Life, offering yoga for all ages and stages of life, in Charlottetown, PEI is locally owned and operated by Mary MacPhee RYT (500 hr. registered yoga teacher), CYT (certified yoga teacher) and certified Kripalu YogaDance instructor.

Mary MacPhee, CYT, RYT, offers classical hatha yoga instruction and YogaDance in Charlottetown at The PATH, 344 University Ave. Charlottetown-across the street from Papa Joe’s restaurant.

Contacts:  892-4658-Mary’s home or yogaforlife@eastlink.ca. The phone number at the PATH is 620-8337 for before or after class

Yoga For Life studio offers yoga for all ages and stages: Prenatal, Postnatal, Gentle, Yoga for Children, and Classical Hatha.  Mary occasionally has time to offer YOGADANCE ,   6 and up welcome. Mary also offers off-site yoga presentations to groups of all ages, including YogaDance for a variety of purposes such as self esteem workshops for women,  youth, etc.

Mary’s classes focus on breathing, relaxation and stress reduction-on-and-off-the-mat, as well as strengthening and stretching. YogaDance does this also with yogic and popular music beginning slowly, then faster movement with yoga poses and breathing throughout, and relaxation at the end.

At the PATH, the body, mind and breath are explored, embraced, honored, and integrated toward self-discovery, personal growth and living in harmony in the world.

Mary bases her teaching on the classical teachings of the “Astanga or 8 Limbs” as outlined in Patanjali’s famous text on yoga, The Yoga Sutras. The 8 limbs include:

1. yama-CARE towards others and the environment

2. niyama-CARE toward ourselves

3. asana-practice of physical exercises

4. pranayama-practice of breathing exercises

5. pratyahara-moral use of our senses

6. dharana-directing our mind

7. dhyana-meditation

8. samadhi-complete integration and understanding